Dallas Antique Restoration

Antique Artistry has been in the Dallas antique restoration business existence since the year circa 1980.  We have had the fortunate opportunity to assist our clients, and have had the honor of restoring their precious and valued antiques in their quest to preserve a part of history.  Some have been signed pieces, but all, whether or not signed, were restored with the same pride and craftsmanship.

The refined technique of Dallas antique restoration by Antique Artistry has all but vanished in the modern day automated world, and there are but a handful of artisans that still practice and possess the knowledge it requires to restore and arrive at a museum quality level of both repairs and finish.

Get Quality Work with Dallas Antique Restoration

Our Company also offers in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex only, an in-house maintenance upkeep for your fine antique possessions.  This includes touch ups, polishing and waxing, and minor repairs when allowed.  Also conditioning of leather tops that may be inserted in your desktops or covering of fine leather chairs and sofas.

At this time our Company is branching out and in the process of extending from restoring, and expanding to the reproductions, creative and new designed furniture.  We are bringing with us the same integrity of craftsmanship that we carried with us through the years of antique restoration in Dallas, TX.  All methods used will be of Old World traditional values, down to the hand honing and planning down of raw cut wood, instead of using commercial industrial machinery.  Every phase of construction will be by hand.  When construction is complete, instituting our quality Old World tradition hand-rub wax-out finish, with complimentary shadow shading for an aged look.

Dallas Antique Restoration is here to serve you!

The majesty of the antique furniture that is displayed in our movie frames is precious pieces of art that we have chosen to display, to showcase the artistry of our profession and craftsmanship, with the business reviews to prove it.  The photo clips chosen for your viewing, are only really a few that we have restored in the past 28 years.  These selections came from prominent, privately owned individuals, antique galleries, and interior decorators.  We applaud their consciousness and their desire to preserve these rare and valuable works of art which otherwise, would have been lost to time without our furniture restoration.

We accept shipment from all over the world for restoration projects, with no deposit required and payment due upon completion of item.  We supply recommendations and references upon request.

If you have an antique that needs restoration work, and would like more information, you may contact us here. Your time and interest is very important to us, and we will respond back to you within a twenty-four hour period, if not sooner.  If you wish immediate contact, you may reach Mr. David Repka at 972-291-7088.  Please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.  We treat all calls with the utmost importance.